CABE Space developed Spaceshaper as a practical toolkit to measure the quality of a public space before investing time and money in improving it.

Spaceshaper captures the views of professionals who are running the space as well as those of the people that use the space. Facilitated workshops discuss the results, design quality and how the space works for different people. Spaceshaper encourages people to demand more from their local spaces.

What is Spaceshaper for?

  • bring staff and users together to discuss the space
  • identify the strengths and weaknesses of the space
  • measure how well the space meets everyone’s needs
  • track changes in people’s views.

Improving a local public space? Don’t forget the views of young people.

Spaceshaper 9-14 allows young people to have their say.

Young people are major users of parks, streets, playgrounds and other public spaces. But they are often overlooked during the community consultations. Getting them involved in the design process can raise their aspirations for public spaces, increasing respect for and use of a completed site.

Spaceshaper is a workshop-based toolkit that has the flexibility to be adapted to local circumstances. Key to this process is a trained facilitator, who will give advice and run the workshop. A site visit is an integral part of the process. The visit prepares the participants to assess the space and voice their opinion on the space. Eight themes are explored to capture the opinions of the group: access, use, other people, community, maintenance and environment, design and apperance and you.

You benefit because it:

  • Identifies a space’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Establishes what is most important to young people
  • Compares different view points
  • Stimulates new ideas for improvement
  • Tracks changes in young people’s views over time

Young people benefit because it:

  • Gives participants a better understanding of design quality
  • Engages young people so they feel a genuine part of the process
  • Encourages them to work with others to improve their local communities
  • Develops a public space they wil use and enjoy
  • Trains young people to be co-facilitators of the workshops

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